Briefly in English

The stock markets have lot's of realtime information to help you choose where to invest your money. The real estate market data on the other hand is old, or split up in so many places it get's old before you have time to gather it up. That's why we at Vuokraisäntä decided to upgrade our own playing field to the wonderful new era of real-time information. Every second, we gather and analyze more real estate information than any other company in Finland.

The main focus group for this web service are the people who work in the real estate industry. First of all, the service helps them manage apartments, houses, storage space and lot's of other things. With us, all the labour intensive work can be done by automated little robots (sorry, not REAL robots, just a set of automations that we have given names to, so they would be more cool) over night. So when you come to work, the bulk of the work is allready done, you can concentrate on customer service and other more important things.

If all the customers are satisfied maybe it would be time to do some investement work? You know a guy who knows a guy that has this new property for sale but you don't know if it's any good? We can tell you A LOT about any real estate property. Just add any property you want information about into the system and our analysist engine will tell you some facts about it as an investment. The most important information we gather and update several times during the day is:

  • what are people looking for,
  • what are they willing to pay,
  • what are others offering and
  • what was the price both parties settled on in the end.

And thats just the top of the iceberg. We teach our real estate oriented searchbots more every day. Next up is some indepth information about the players in our field, who to trust and who to not.

Want to try us out? Just register and come on in, we are open for everybody! Dont't want to register? No worries, go and play in our new open for all area. Got questions? Send them to: tommi.backgren(at)